Thursday, 12 October 2017

Calendar 2018 plus public holiday (printable)

Hello October!

It's time to plan your vacation in 2018😁
Count your annual leave, check public holidays and hunt promo and cheap flight ticket!

To make your plan easier, I create this beautiful calendar 2018 (complete with public holidays) special for you.
I made it using Ms. Word for beginner that you can create your own too πŸ˜‰.
For header and footer, I use flower decoration-just like my blog's- created by Sora.
Hoping that you will always remember how blessed you are.

Pardon that black line, it is a printer mark..hope your printer better. Ini aja nge-print di kantorπŸ˜‚

If you want to use this calendar above, get your copy here, print using A4 paper size.
Or if you want calendar with simple travel tips below, get your copy here, print using A4 paper size.

Calendar with travel tips. Place you can visit in spesific months.
Deep green.
Another option, if you think flowery stuff smells too feminim, you can get this copy of deep green here.

Not only for planning vacation, maybe you want to save the date for your friend's wedding (perhaps your wedding) or mark calendar for Bruno Mars' concert or anything, you can use this calender.

Hope this simple calendar 2018 can help you to make plan in 2018πŸ˜‡

P.S. Very important! Bruno Mars is going to have a concert in Singapore in May 6th 2018. Wish he will come to Jakarta too. Finger crossed.πŸ™

Merci pour l'inspiration, mon amie Lafi :*

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